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Оригинальный сообщение: John Jordan ,


There are no screens left on the market for the pixel C, and so we are left with zero options but to figure it out the hard way. I was 100% successful… eventually. . My best advice is to get the screen off and the front camera detached. Then with a plastic spuger and the display on, flex the cable gently in a few spots to find where your problem spot is.  When you flex the problem spot the display instantly turns off. I used six pieces of electrical tape stacked on top of one another holding the display ribbon to the rest of the device (NOT TO THE BACK OF THE DISPALY). No more  half corrupt screen, no more issues.  It took me 8 hours of trying and trying again with tape in different places to fix this- and I imagine it will be different for each of you. Anyway, my electrical tape is in red, below. It holds the ribbon to the rest of the device, NOT to the back of the display. Hope this helps!