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Оригинальный сообщение: Randy Lopez ,


I’ve attempted to reply to your answer twice.  Each time I hit the submit, my lengthy reply was lost.  Anyway, it sounds like you’ve got the Kenmore washer from !&&*.  The only advice I can recommend is to go back over the 3 main fixes and double check your work.

1) The pressure sensor hose - Check for leaks if you did not replace it with new.  It is fairly cheap to replace.

2) The pressure sensor - I’d  check the cable to it and the contacts.  Sometime the cable is strained during removal and any one of the wires maybe not making contact.  Clean the gold fingers on the pressure sensor board with alcohol so there is good contact between the board and the cable connector.  If all that makes no difference, try swapping back the old pressure sensor with the new one.

3)  The CCU board- Removing the CCU board with all the many cables was stressful.  I was afraid of plugging the cabes incorrectly on reinstallation.  Double check your connections.  Ensure that all cables are plugged into the right connectors.  Most were colorcoded.  Look for any loose wires as some were difficult to unplug.  If you have your old CCU, mail it to me return postage paid and I will change the caps for free.

You may have already replaced your washer with a new one.  Sorry for the late reply.