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Оригинальный сообщение: Christopher Keller ,


If you’re tried to:

(I’m assuming that you have an Amazon account and that you’ve REGISTERED and activated your Fire Stick)

1) Reset it to factory defaults

2) Tried another “power cable” to see if the one you’re using is defective

3)  If you’re using the HDMI “dongle adapter”, remove it and try to plug the Fire Stick directly

into the HDMI port.

4)  Failing everything else, I’d contact Amazon Support and see if they can get you up and running.

After all, those folks deal with those all day long and might have some “tips/tricks” that no one has mentioned online.

I’m sincerely sorry that it’s giving you grief, “electronic frustration” is one of the most aggravating situations with which to deal……..