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Оригинальный сообщение: Julian ,


For my Kenmore bottom freezer what worked was  marlenemccandless instructions that she posted on 05/02/2018, as well as LadyTech's advice to clean out the coils.

The freezer would get a thick 1-2 cm layer of ice at the bottom every few days, which would leak out on the kitchen flooring.

Defrosted it for 48 hours, no results.

As per marlenemccandless advice, removed back bottom panel from behind fridge, found the plastic drain slide (it's kind left of center, 15 cm or so from the rear edge of the fridge). Moved the top of the slide in order to find rubber nipple, removed it, found tons of dust and bits of paper, cleaned it out, vacuumed coils, bottom and everything else I could clean (lots of dust and grimy deposits).

24 hours later, not one speck of ice, whereas before I would have already had a thin sheet that would have begun forming.

Hope this helps fellow Kenmore bottom-freezer fridge owners.