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If the ice is hung up on the arm or not falling into the ice bin a few things could cause this. Is the ice maker level? If the cubes are larger in the back of the ice tray than the water is settling more in the back cause it’s not level. Most ice maker are secured to the side of freezer with 2 1/4” screw above the ice tray and one 1/4” screw below the ice maker. You can adjust by loosening the screws. Don’t remove them, only loosen and adjust. A level might help. The true test will be after the first batch freezes. A bent arm can cause these issue too. Or the bracket at the back of the ice maker that the arm fits in could be cracked. Without a model number I’m only assuming you have an ice maker that mounts to the left  side of the freezer. This is a common ice maker used by many manufacturers.