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Carb has fuel but no flow


I have a push lawnmower that has transmission control, and blade engage control.

I have checked spark and it’s very strong, compression is low but seems present, fuel flow from the tank, to the cut off, to the carb is ok, carb fills with fuel, but there’s no flow into the chamber. I got it running by adding a cup of 10-30w oil and started due to starting fluid then died, to keep it running I push 1 second bursts into the intake hoping it will start sucking in fuel, it still shows no fuel flow.

I removed the carb and cleaned it, used air to blow the holes clear and reinstalled, still no ignition. The plug is gapped correctly, fuel is super unleaded, oil comes out almost black metal paint color (i an unable to find the drain plug) i added some oil and shows stronger compression. still no ignition

lawn mower is similar to Husqvarna HU725AWD

but the parts are inverted, intake and exhaust are opposite and blade/transmission controls are on the other side of the handle


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