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Оригинальный сообщение: Preeti Ghuman ,


I have a brand new LG stacked washer and dryer. When I wash my normal medium sized loads (cottons and polysters with a pair of jeans or towel) it seems to be a little off balance and the dryer shakes and squeaks. It is level and the feet are firmly on the ground. Ran test load with six towels and it worked fine with no vibration but with three towels (the installation test) it struggled a bit but finally got to spin. I will never wash six towels in a normal week. I only have 1-2 towels and 1-2 jeans per week. My previous front loader had no problems with mixed small and medium loads. Not sure what the problem is with this machine. LG Tier 2 support says maybe the counter weight is off.  How do you wash small and medium loads with heavy things in the 4.5 cu ft washer?  The small load downloadable function says it is for small loads of jeans and towels so it appears the machine is designed for small and medium loads. Maybe I need a machine with a smaller drum. Everything I read said that large machines can do small and medium loads.