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'''++Sean Mackness++'''   let us know what you consider unusually fast draining. Your charging cable should not make a difference unless it is not charging the battery at all. If in doubt replace the cable. Since you already replaced the battery, I would consider checking your network settings and your installed software etc. If in doubt start with a new Sim card from your provider. you can always check sites [https://thedroidguy.com/2019/05/troubleshoot-galaxy-j3-thats-quickly-losing-battery-charge-1078171|like this] or [https://devicehelp.boostmobile.com/document/troubleshooting/Galaxy_J3__2016_/Boost_Mobile/en/Troubleshoot_shortened_battery_life_on_your_Samsung_Galaxy_J3__2016_|this one] for more specific ideas.