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Оригинальный сообщение: Jamie ,


Water leaking out the bottom of Kitchen Aid refridgerator bottom freezer type. Below freezer baskets there is a sheet of solid ice.

First the fridge is backed into a slot between the countertop and the wall and pushed up against the back wall. This is a problem because with a bottom freezer the  motor is on the bottom of the fridge instead of on the back like normal refrigerators and this is a dust and guck magnet that clogs everything including the ventilation system. This is where the problem starts, like there nothing's working right in the automatic defrost area. So I turned the whole fridge off. Took the baskets out of the freezer. Put a hot towel on the frozen over the bottom freezer. Put a fan on high to defrost anything behind the back plastic wall for a half hour. Now I am hooking the lint getter that is used for the dryer vent, its an attachment that you put on the hose part of your vacume. I am on the floor vacuuming underneath the refridgerator until it is clean. The heat from the vacume and the air from the fan seemed to help all alround. Now putting it all back together and turning it on. Whallah aside from that if I have another problem I will unclog the drain on the back, which has happened before.