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Оригинальный сообщение: Jon Ridley ,


How frustrating! we’ve seen this a number of times on earlier ranges, but not on this range yet.

It is classed as a ‘bonded’ unit, but in reality, the glass surface is bonded to the LCD panel around the edges, but the backlight diffuser sheets are not ‘sealed’ or ‘bonded’. So you can strip it down from behind. (It does frustrate me the way ASP and AASP providers push the ‘bonded’ excuse for dust and marks stating its ‘impossible’, but its just not the case)

But in truth, without a clean room environment, you’d risk leaving a lot more behind than just a small bug, as when you open the layers it is much more susceptible to dust and dark patches. We’ve done it before, but its not a fun process…

I’d suggest trying to lightly tap the glass to see if it will drop down, as it is likely touching either the glass or LCD surface. Hopefully it will drop out of the viewable area to the edge of the panel.