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Оригинальный сообщение: J E Farabaugh ,


you may have stepped on a key and held it too long therefore activating the Sticky or filter keys or other optional keyboard settings.

Try this first before you get into all the hardware fixes:

'''Method 1''': Disable the '''Filter keys''' and check if it works.

'''a:''' Type '''Ease of access''' in the start search box and hit enter.

'''b:''' Now click '''Change how your keyboard works'''

'''c:''' Remove the check mark from the box next to '''Turn on FilterKeys.'''

'''d:''' Click the blue '''Set Up FilterKeys''' link

'''e:''' Underneath '''Keyboard shortcut''', remove the check mark from the box next to '''Turn on FilterKeys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds.'''

'''f:''' Now click Ok two times.