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Will change of logic board and home button fix the microphone issue?


First time poster. Sorry if these have been answered elsewhere, but I could not find them.

My iPhone 7 Plus has the ‘no microphone issue’ described below.  As far as I can see from the posts  it is a hard fault in the logic board.  I have worked on the phone and it is old, so I doubt Apple would help, or at least it would not be good value-for-money. My idea is to source a logic board and home button from another iPhone 7 Plus and insert them in the faulty phone.

2 questions:  In the community’s view would this fix the microphone issue?  If I imported both the logic board and the home button from the other phone (presuming they are properly paired), would the home button work (ie fingerprints) when put in a new phone?


iPhone 7 Plus