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Оригинальный сообщение: Tim Sgr ,


I have one of these washers and i figured out what is the main culprit of the F35 code. The pressure sensor doesn't go bad like people say, what happens is their contacts inside the sensor between it and the board release. If you solder them it fixes the issue all together. When they first made these they were not really soldered but dry soldered which are weak. I pushed on my sensor after taking it apart and you can see where it released. I am surprised that the techs or the manufacture did not catch this. I guess the heat from the machine will heat this up and eventually crack the solder then the voltage runs out of range so the machine throws the code. If you have already fixed the main board capacitor issue, this is the fault after, it might even have something to do with them popping too. Hope this ends all the F35 codes out there.