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Оригинальный сообщение: timothy holt ,


For the connected with problems from galant2004**try a hard restart by pulling the power cable (USB-Mini plug) out of the Fire Stick for about 5 seconds. Having then reconnected it, the Fire Stick rebooted. Almost like magic the unit went straight to the Home Screen. I was back up and running**. Mine wouldn't detect a previously forgotten network that I needed to use again. I had to press home button for 5-10 sec n go do the reset option that way and 4 some reason also change the HDMI input on tv to HDMI 2 instead of one because it acted like it was broke with a black screen. But only do this if the starred section(**) is not working. I did not have to factory reset it finally detected it. To control one without Wi-Fi or remote use a Bluetooth remote with phone until we get u one.