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Freezer and refrigerator not cold


Hi, I have an issue with a whirlpool Model # WRT148FZDM. Freezer is warm, refrigerator is war as well.

'''What seems to be OK'''

* Compressor
* Compressor FAN

'''What is not OK'''

* Evaporator fan (is not working, and it does spin freely if I turn it by hand)

I touched by hand the freezer coils and it is not cold either.


Is it possible that the freezer + the refrigerator compartment are warm only because evaporator fan is not working ? Is there any other test I could to so I do not buy a replacement evaporator fan for nothing ?

If that’s the case would you mind telling me how just only one fan can disrupt the whole functionnality of my refrigerator ?


Thanks a lot in advance


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