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After owning my HTC Evo USB came out completely. My friend knows how to solder fairly well so we decided to see if we could find a replacement online. Well I bought replacement on ebay that I thought looked like the Original. Unfortunately, I ran into the same problem the part was very similar although it was not mounted upside-down or reverse style.  After doing a little more searching I found a seller on ebay (Fox PC Parts )who was selling the" Reverse Micro USB Port Connector for HTC Evo". It cost a little more but they shipped it very fast and they even included braided copper.  Since my friend installed this one, it has worked perfectly and has already outlasted the original by a lot. So took a me a couple tries and some searching but it has paid off and I would recommend this seller to others who need this replacement USB component. From what I have been learning this has been a very common problem. So, I hope this helps because if I would have know earlier it would of saved me time and money.