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Оригинальный сообщение: Warren Wheeler ,


Technology and businesses are wonderful.  They create things that people think they want, you spend the money and then you are lucky if they work, however, they do work during the warranty period, but soon after the warranty period, the device will no longer turn on, no matter if I hold blue tooth button, on button, plus or negative button in any configuration for any amount of time.  Plugging it in to the computer, and downloading their wonderful software, does nothing. The funny thing is that its about 13 months old, and has been used maybe a total of 20 hours, so do not tell me that the battery is an issue.  The item is garbage and no one cares about the consumers, plain and simple.  This has happened before, also outside of the warranty, and a factory reset worked, this time it does not.  So what does that mean, well for me, it just means that I will no longer support this company for any future purchases.  I should have just bought another Bose device, but the individual that the speaker was intended for liked the idea of “Alexa” but that never really worked that well either.  Go figure!