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The 2011 MacBook Pros were notorious for overheating issues, there’s no getting around that. Even a 2012 Unibody would be a significant upgrade for you, and you’d get Catalina along with the older design with the upgradable hard drives and all that fun stuff.

But anyhow, back to this one real quick. Have you tried replacing the hard drive '''cable'''? The 2011 hard drive cables were total garbage. The 2012 cables were more robust, and they will fit in a 2011, so I’d just try one of those. [product|IF163-041]. I just had a 2011 here that was agonizingly slow with 16GB RAM and a Samsung 860 Evo SSD. Cable fixed it.

If you’re set on a new laptop, I’d go with the Mid 2012 model like I was saying. Jumping from 2011 to 2012 doesn’t really sound like a big jump, but they were significantly better. You will need to purchase one with an SSD or install an SSD yourself, however. Any of the newer operating systems are basically unusable on spinning drives.

Anything Late 2012 to Present are pretty much useless in terms of repairability, but if you ''must'' get something newer, there typically aren’t issues with the 2013-2014 Retina MacBook Pros. At least you can still swap out the drive or remove it without losing data if the rest of the machine dies.