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Оригинальный сообщение: Mehul Varshney ,


This problem is faced by many people indifferent regions.

Apple products have to be operated at room temperature. In summer, it gets overheated and makes all noises and in winters, the Mac body is cold.

This kind of problem may happen on a rainy day or a cold day. This is because some of the moisture content seeps into the board.

The SMC reset may not work all the times.

So, there are 2 solutions:

# Open the Back panel and clean the board with 99% Isopropanol.

#  Take the Mac and keep it in a blanket for 1 hour. Try again and it shall boot up.


These Mac should always be kept inside a  laptop bag which is warm enough.

Note: This was entirely based on my father’s observations and seem completely true.