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Whenever you face the fire stick won’t turn on the issue just do the following steps to fix the problem.

# From the start, watch that your Amazon Fire TV is connected or not. In the event that, you haven’t unplugged it, attempt to educate the gadget utilizing the voice control include. For example, watch it, turn it on, and so forth. In the event that you keep on observing your fire stick showing a black screen, at that point take a stab at standing somewhat near the fire tv stick device.
# The next thing to do is to check the batteries that you embedded in the remote. In case, that you have not embedded them appropriately, your fresh out of the plastic new fire television stick won’t turn on. Additionally, ensure nobody covers the remote-control sensors as a joke.
# You will see no power in amazon fire tv stick if the fire tv has entered the sleep mode. To bring your device back in the active mode, press remote buttons & give commands for ensuring its not the real issue.

To get more info, you can read this blog [http://www.customerssupporthelpline.com/2019/10/11/amazon-fire-stick-wont-turn-on/|'''http://www.customerssupporthelpline.com/2019/10/11/amazon-fire-stick-wont-turn-on/''']     where you will get complete information on how to get rid out of this problem.