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When you are unable to fix the [https://www.askprob.com/best-guide-fix-lenovo-laptop-sound-not-working-problem/|sound problem on Lenovo laptop]. follow these steps to fix the problem.

# Check the mute functions, ensure that you have not muted the sound by mistake.  Most people repeat this kind of mistake very often. So make sure you are not one of them.
# Let’s power cycle your laptop, and then you should play something on your laptop. Do you receive any sound now or not?
# When you cannot hear anything from the built-in speakers, you should connect an external speaker to your laptop, then play something. If you still cannot hear anything from it. You should move to the next step.
# Let’s remove the driver from your laptop and install it again using the latest driver.

Once you will install the driver, you should reboot your laptop once again. It will resolve the issue.

# If you have already tried the above instructions but the speakers are still not working, you should go ahead and reset the laptop. But before doing this, you should take a back up of your data. Otherwise, you will loose your data.