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Yes there is...I imagine that you reset the SMC or System Management Controller  by Shutting down and unplugging all of the Cables, including the power cord.. you need to wait at least 15 seconds, the reset occur's automatically once the Imac has been disconnected from the Power Source.. if this does not take care of the High Speed Fan Issue It sounds like the Tech did not plug in one of 6 Sensor's or one of them was not properly attached and came loose
Power Supply 
ODD Temperature
Ambient Temperature
LCD Temperature 
GPU Temperature
CPU Temperature
 All of these will cause the Fan's to run at Full Speed...  

If you feel like taking the Cover's and Display off, you could look around to see if one of them came unplugged from the Logicboard.

You could carefully follow the take-apart and nose around a bit.. but be careful and Safe.