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Оригинальный сообщение: judithlan ,


i have Had one of these Issue Many time With My Printer. i run a House with 2 Printers & 1 Router & 1 range extenders & years of struggle Has made me Kind of techy When it Comes to Printer & Router Problems. However i am not Really Surprised by the Confusion That Some of the People Have Here.

'''Confusion'''   i see People are trying to Pin point a particular reason behind the issue Which is Not True At All. I have had my Printer Offline at least 5-6 Times a Years & Most of the time It was different Problem then Before. Earlier in the Post i see many Users Claiming it to be a Port Block Problem Which i think there is only 5 % chance that it could be a Port Blockage.

'''Why Printer has this error -''' Printer Offline simply Means that Printer is not able to Communicate With System & Not read to Print.Some of the reason Could be -

* Paper jam , Non Compatible ink cartridge, Outdated Router Firmware Or Printer Software
* Multipal Router connection , Use Printer Offline Mode, Corrupted Printer Software
* Antivirus Or Firewall block
* Now to fix this issue Try Troubleshooting Steps One By One at [http://bit.ly/2whI2TC|How to Fix Printer Offline issue]
* See if this tips is any Help. thanks