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Why does my tablet keep turning on and off at the power screen


My tablet keeps turning on and off at the screen you get when it shows you what type of tablet you get (like when you power it off and when you power it on again it shows you what tablet type you have). It happened after my battery died last night and I charged it this morning and when I tried powering it on, all that would happen is it would show me the screen you get that tells you what tablet type you have and then turn off again. It keeps repeating that process and idk what to do. I've tried holding the power button for a bit, and holding other combinations of buttons but nothing seems to be working. Idk what to do at this point. I really don't wanna have to show my mom cause she’s kinda tired of these kind of things happening to my devices so I would really appreciate some help on how to fix my situation without needing to go to a professional unless it's really thAT bad.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite