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Оригинальный сообщение: Scott Howell ,


Ok, Good News … this can be *Resolved*!![br]

So I had this exact same issue for several months (restarting in any way hung on windows logo pre OS loading / Hard power off and it starts up fine).


I felt this had to be related to the BIOS config somehow and found that boot to UEFI and Legacy Boot were both enabled.[br]

My system is not UEFI and was upgraded from windows 7, it is a legacy boot so I removed the UEFI boot option and left it Legacy Boot only… *drum roll please*[br]

.. low and behold I saved the settings in the BIOS and it restarted as expected. I then restarted a few more times just to be sure but the problem is GONE!

So in closing if you are running a legacy OS configuration and both legacy boot mode and UEFI boot options are enabled in the BIOS you may see a hang after restart at the windows logo. If you do then set the boot option in the BIOS to legacy boot only and it may resolve your issue.

**Note: I was just thinking if you update your BIOS again in the future it may revert and the same solution would need to be applied again possibly.

Hope this may help, good luck![br]

– Scott