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LCD backlight flashes on, then turns off immediately



I recently took apart my MacBook Pro to replace the already 10-year-old thermal paste. I put everything back together, and everything works perfectly except for the backlight of the internal display. Upon powering on the system, the backlight flickers on bright, then dies immediately. The LCD itself still works, as I am able to hold a flashlight up to the display and that there is still an image on the screen. The Mini DisplayPort connector still works fine as I am able to hook up a DVI monitor to the system and it still works fine.

Is there anything I could have missed? Some people online report that there is a fuse that controls the backlight and the fuse could be blown, but I’m not sure if that happened here as the backlight still turns on, just very, very briefly. The backlight also turns on briefly after the display wakes up from sleep. Could it just be that I need to reseat the connector to the display? Or do I need to replace the fuse, or even the entire display itself?


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009