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You’re on the right track the backlight logic is where your problem is located.  Lets first disconnect the battery and now inspect the LVDS cable and its connector to the logic board is the cable connector damaged? Often I find the fiberglass tang part gets damaged so the pins don’t make contact. The logic board connector has some level of damage or corrosion (Step 8 in the guide below). The other area is the cables routing to the hinge. The cable can get snagged on the clip compressing it causing a short within it (Steps9 & 10).

Moving deeper to the logic board the driver logic for the backlight LED’s has a problem. You’ll need to inspect the your logic board for staining or corrosion damage. Look at the last images in the Teardown for reference.


* [guide|1342]
* [guide|814]

Going deeper will need access to the schematics and board views to trace out the logic as well as the skills to do it. This is where you might want to find someone to help you locally.