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When I opened the back panel and visually inspected the hard drive, I noticed the sata connector was slightly out on one side and all the way in on the other side. I’m talking maybe .5mm to 1.5mm. I took out the hard drive and found that a tiny little corner for the plastic sata housing on the hard drive had bent in. This little plastic was not allowing the drive to go all the way in. I used a precision screw driver with a small 1.3mm flat head bit to get the plastic piece out. Plugged it all back in and it worked! So it was physical hard drive connection issue with my laptop.

The piece probably bent in when I put the hard drive in yesterday but it worked all day yesterday and when I restarted this morning it no longer booted into Windows. Also, the sata connector on the motherboard had no play and didn’t wiggle at all, so that was in great shape.