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Оригинальный сообщение: Nahariyah Mosenkis ,


ifixit moto x4 replacement screen correct one? part looks different


I bought the replacement kit from ifixit for my moto x4 (android one).  When I look at the copper colored stuff to the left of screen connector cable(phone laying sideways on table in front of me, top(speaker+camera) of phone on my left, finger sensor part to my right) there is a completely different number and arrangement of  metal bits and the black rectangular “pad.”  Sorry I don’t know proper name for any of those things.  I attached the cable and it seems to work, but I have only looked at basic functionality.  I wouldn’t really know what things I should test to see if they are working.  This phone was purchased from Google FI in the US in May 2018.


Motorola Moto X4