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Major recurring problems with microphone/port repairs on 8 and 8 plus.


Hi all,

I am working in a repair shop in Ireland and in the last few days we have been having major problems with charging port/bottom microphone replacements on iPhone 8’s and 8 Plus.

What’s happening is this: The port is replaced but the microphone seems to fade in and out. Usually there is a bit of range, you can usually hold the phone an inch or two away from the mouth and it would be fine but now unless your mouth is touching the grill you can’t hear anything.

Sometimes it’s ok but it goes after a while. One thing we have noticed which is an indicator that there is or will be problems is that when you click a button (vol, mute etc) or tap the housing, move the phone around in your hand etc. you can hear it on the other end and you’re not supposed to be able to usually. It’s like a noise cancelling feature isn’t working or working too well, we don’t know which.

We have tried a lot of things from new ports from different suppliers, we have changed the rear facing mic too, we have even have swapped out an original charging port from an unrepairable phone and still nothing.

We are getting a lot of phones coming back into us and haven’t run into this problem before and we have no idea of what’s causing it and how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


iPhone 8