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Оригинальный сообщение: Lawyana ,


My fan in the fridge started making a noise (like hitting something) It was ice . I looked on YouTube and seen how to hold the freezer button and the ice button at the same time -it would black out the screen then by pressing the freezer button untill it read “ rd” it would defrost the fridge around the fan. This meaning you hear a beep for about 30 minutes .I had to do this about 4 times to get the noise to stop.

A week later the fridge just stopped cooling -freezer was fine. I looked in the back of the fridge where the two small openings are and on the right side i could see ice-the left hole only had the white styrofoam insulation. I called Samsung they sent out japanese repair man -and he fixed it. The problem was the drain line was too long and kinked -not working properly and a sensor had went bad. total bill was $288.00 plus $95 for service call.

Breakdown of bill -He put a new ice maker in because mine had not worked in two years was froze up and busted. -That problem was caused by the water level was set to fill the trays overflowing causing it to all freeze up. He toally replaced the ice maker.


Drain kit $24.00

DS $14.00

EG prom $74.00

New ice maker unit $111.00


He was there about 2 hours -mainly melting the ice from the freezer and the back of fridge.

I felt the quality of work was great and the price was fair. It has been 2 weeks now everything working great! Hope this helps you !