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Оригинальный сообщение: jacob.barton88 ,


Most of these problems sound like the faceplate. (power button/disc eject) I was having the powering on and off randomly problem like most of the people on here. Make sure you eject any disc in your drive first and then remove the faceplate and ribbon entirely. Replacement ribbons are like $9 with the adhesive.  It seems like the ribbons get faulty or the power button itself kinda melts from heat and leaves a residue on the ribbon creating an almost circuit. (I watched mine power on and off untouched for 3 minutes randomly) After removing the faceplate entirely my console has been running for around 2 hours without an issue. Since you have to disassemble it anyways, gently blow out your vents, board, and fan. (including the vents on your power supply brick) I feel like most of these issues are on the surface fixes, but this is microsoft we are talking about.