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Оригинальный сообщение: Navneet Sharma ,


Many users of fire sticks complained that their fire sticks won’t turn on.[br]


I was facing the same issue, here I describe the full guide how I turn on my Firestick at my own & what are the possible reasons for occurring this issue[br]


Before going ahead we need to know all the possible reasons for occurring this issue.[br]

* Power Cord Not Inserted Properly
* HDMI Ports or Cables Damaged or Loose
* Charging port or charging cable damaged
* Power adaptor damaged


All possible steps to turn on the fire stick:[br]


* For mine this one works, my power cord is not inserted properly. I unplugged the power cord & held the power button then plugged it back on, actually it's working for me.
* Sometimes HDMI ports get damaged or HDMI cables inserted but loose, unplug the HDMI cables once then reinsert them, I hope this will work for you if yes then please leave your comment.
* Sometimes your charging cable gets damaged, tries to change the charging cable, or if possible then also changes the charging adaptor.
* Try to check your fire stick in another device, sometimes this will get you an idea where the problem actually occurred.
* Try to restart your device. Hold the Select and Play / Pause buttons to restart the device or you can go to settings> Device> Fire TV menu>Restart.
* I hope this will surely solve your [https://gadgetsick.com/fire-stick-wont-turn-on/|Fire stick won’t turn on] problem, if not then visit the website to contact Fire stick support experts.