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You can go to HP.com, look up your particular printer and find the most suspect area for a paper jam.  It could be several places.  As the paper traverses the paper path, it is timed.  if the leading edge doesn’t get someplace on time, it will fault out.  It could be your paper pickup rollers, or several other places depending on your make and model.  LaserJet 4’s are notorious for output jams, for instance.  Also, there could be a tiny piece of paper torn off and jammed into a corner somewhere that catches the next feed.  So, if Mr. Knight’s fix doesn’t work, please post what type of printer it is (LaserJet 4, Colorjet 4030).  What error code you receive on the display.  The age of the printer.  If it is an old printer, it is probably the paper pick up rollers.  YouTube is also a good source of info for this type of problem.