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Оригинальный сообщение: Cultured Gundam ,


If your console beeps and then turns off with out the fan turning on, your console thinks its going to over heat and turns off. More then likely one of two things is happening

* your fan is busted
* your thermal paste needs replacement (very likely)

I would try the paste first as it is the more affordable repair and very easy.  Follow [guide|89185|this guide] on how to take it apart. Clean off your crusted paste with 99% isopropyl alcohol and a clean toothbrush or non-static cloth. Replace it with a pea-sized bit of thermal paste (available at Best Buy and the sort on short notice). Put it together and power it up. Just did this for a customer and it worked.

If this is not a solution, source your fan using parts number located on the side of the fan component. In the unlikely even it is your power supply that has gone bad, use the same method to source that part.

Lots of people saying a hair drier or heat gun or canned air as a temporary fix. This is a temporary fix and I don’t recommend it.

Be sure to keep your console in a clean and ventilated area (read: not on the floor where cat hair and cockroaches can get to it).

Hope this is helpful to any future peeps.