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Оригинальный сообщение: Mohammed Basil ,


My PS3 won't turn on. No lights whatsoever.


I have a PS3 Slim (160 Gb) variant. 2 days ago I ordered GTA V. When i inserted the CD everything was fine. Proceeded to installing the game and at about 50% the PS3 just shut down with no beep or anything. When I connect it to the power cable, I can't see any red light or anything. It's as if it's dead. I looked up a lot on the internet for solutions and it's not YLOD cus there's no light at all. I opened it up too, cleaned it properly (it was very dirty lol) and it still won't turn on. Can someone please help me out?? (I took my PS3 out 4 days ago. My mom had stored it in a cabinet for a couple of months)


PlayStation 3 Slim