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Оригинальный сообщение: Robert ,


So I just bought  (4 days ago) new Macbook pro 2020 with already installed Macos Mojave it was working perfectly so decided to update to Catalina 10.15.07, and at first I was suspicious when i tried downloading it was glitching at first, then i tried update on my old mac (Macbook air 2017), and it was facing the same problem. After update  it started to show the signs of “Turn off glitch”,  and yesterday i saw for first time doing that, but I realise my Macbook air was doing the same back in June/ August and now. So i realised it was Catalina fault, because it was glitching to start-up screen and then turn off but I didn't suspect that at first, and both Macs was doing  the same. At first I thought they gave me defected mac. And both macs can't  hold Battery life for to long, because catalina is running so many background apps. What should I do downgrade to Macos Mojave on wait for Big Sur ????????? I'm just anxious if this  glitch will damage my pc ?