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Оригинальный сообщение: Armen Orbelyan ,


iPad 7 in boot loop, even after successful DFU mode restore


Hello here is my issue: a customer brought in an iPad 7 with a shatter screen that we need to fix, but it also has a boot loop issue. The apple logo comes up for about 10-20 seconds, then it turns off, and comes again, and so on. I tried a recovery mode restore, but it would fail with some kind of error, so I did a DFU mode restore and it worked; iTunes says the restore is successful and the iPad is restarting, but then the bootloop happens again. Any help would be appreciated!

Quick side note: I read somewhere in one of the apple forums where someone had a similar issue and said it was hapening because of lack of charge, so I am going to leave it plugged in overnight and try DFU restore again tomorrow. In the mean time, any suggestions or thoughts would be great, thank you!


iPad 7