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Go to: TheTechMentor.com search for how to recover a crashed hard drive (any hard drive). I have used these methods and the various software many times with great success. It also gives you the tools and knowledge to help your family and friends that have the same problem. Make sure and do not write anything to the drive your trying to recover data from or you will over write the data you are trying to recover. Before you start handling your PC components you might want to invest in an anti static wrist strap and or anti static mat. You don't want to make things any worse. I have always been able to recover most if not all the data using these methods. Then see TheTechMentor.com/post/35 portable applications every tech needs do yourself a favor and install monitoring software on your computer that will e-mail your phone whenever anything is starting to go wrong with your system. FINALLY GET CLONING SOFTWARE and clone your hard drive to an external hard drive every other month. You can delete the old clones. If something ever goes wrong transfer the latest clone from the external drive to a new hard drive which will be hot swappable with the one in your computer and contain your operating system, partitions, and all your files. You won't even have to change anything in your bios to recognize it.