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Оригинальный сообщение: Connor Steffenhagen ,


Home button Only Responding Sometimes


I have a iPhone 5c that the home button has been working fine on.. but recently when I opened the phone and put it back together. The reason why I opened the phone is because the cable for the lcd came loose. If you were wondering. Afterwards the home button when I did a hard reset, aka holding the home and power button, the phone turned on. However, when I press the home button to unlock the phone, it no longer works. I would be sort of ok with it because I was able to enable assistive touch. However if the home button stops working completely I want to know what to replace. Also the home button itself can be removed without taking the phone apart. Which is not normal. I have had it fall out of its place without me doing anything, which it did not do before.




iPhone 5c