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through a scope push on each connection and make sure they are all actually connected. There could still be flux inside the connector.  You can get aresol flux cleaner from some electronics places that does a great job of flushing flux out of sockets and what not as it comes out of the can with a lot of pressure. You should also look at the traces and see if any of them go to a drop in the board exceedingly close to the connections that you made.  Now that the connectors are on the logic board you might also want to heat up the whole connector to the point that the joints reflow.  You can not do this with a regular heat gun, you would need a BGA machine to do this and not ruin the connector or any other plastic components on the board.  You should double check the work, however judging by how they all both the same problem an issue with your work is probably not to blame.  You should also ask the owner of the units if they had the problem before you brought them in.