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Had the source hdd, the destination hdd, and a third hdd by luck.

Second hdd backs up the source hdd on MacOS by Carbon Copy Cloner.

Step 2: Log on to Bootcamp on source hdd and back up Bootcamp to the third hdd. Used Paragon business trial version.

Step 3: Remove the source hdd from the mac and install the second hdd that now has the MacOS backed up to it and install Windows afresh, partitioning and all that is required by Bootcamp assistant.

Step 4: Log on to the new Bootcamp and restore the backed up bootcamp by Paragon again and enjoy the initial state of your computer.

Note: If you were upgrading to a bigger hdd, the new bootcamp restored to the initial volume size and had unallocated space. Head on to Disk Manager, where you extend C: drive for bootcamp to accommodate the extra space, or just make a new partition with the extra space if you like.