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Оригинальный сообщение: Sebastian Suarez ,


Guys, lemme tell u a bit my case, I bought a used G950F (Global single SIM version) here in Colombia, noticed it hardly grabbed any network, almost never showed 4G and even if it did show on top, or H or 3G, data was miserable, pretty much didn’t work, would BARELY send a message, like 5 mins after you “sent” it, ofc wouldn’t load a full website/video/etc. I disassembled and noticed that, you know this phone has two boards, the main and the bottom/charging board (also controls speaker, lower mic and I guess something related to signal) anyway, in the flex cable I noticed it said G950U (USA Unlocked version), so in short, I guess probably the charging port died or smth and they put a 950U charging board with a 950F mainboard, seems they’re not compatible. Found a 950F charging board, my signal is KINDA back, like, it WORKS at least, sometimes, like ofc in open street 4G is fine, youtube etc, but it still drops from 4G to H or 3G all the time, altough it WORKS in those networks now (before it showed the icon but no real service), I’m digging why it’s now MUCH BETTER but far from my last S7 which was pretty much permanent 4G full signal full speed anywhere. Will post updates