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Оригинальный сообщение: Shane Curran ,


I used fishing line to remove mine. 15 lb, doubled up. I wrapped one end around something stationary—in my case a dumbell, and the other end around a screwdriver so I could  comfortably hold it taut. The doubled-up line stretched only about 18-24”. I slipped the line into the gap between the chip and the metal cover, and carefully worked it over to the spot where the cover is glued to the chip, pressing it into the glue. At that point, I gently, but firmly slid the unit up and down the line, working it like a saw. I could feel it gumming up, and I could see it leaving bits of the glue on the line. I continued this way, cleaning the glue off the line as I went, until the line broke all the way through. There was some gum left on the SSD, but that all scraped off. It took me about 10 minutes to break through the glue and get the cover off.