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Problems after replacing hard drive


Hi all,

I recently replaced the hard drive in my MacBook with this: [product|IF107-132-6]

It worked well for the first couple days (maybe weeks? Time is blurring together these days), but now I’m running into a variety of issues. It’s been freezing fairly often - sometimes with black bars, sometimes with colorful dots in some areas of the screen, sometimes with just the screen I was on. Other times, it will crash and reboot. Sometimes it will crash and start making 3 beeps. [br]

I’ve tried reseating/resetting all that I can and I’m at a loss. The problems don’t seem to line up with each other (from my research anyway) and I can’t figure out what do with this new hard drive. I could try switching to the old drive, but I’ve saving that as a last resort. [br]

Have any of you encountered this situation? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012