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Оригинальный сообщение: Quentin Gawronski ,



Sounds to me like your seatbelt sensor may be going out. I know some models of the accord had a recall for faulty airbag wiring but you had crossed that out as a possibility with the VIN check.

The seatbelt sensor senses that the buckle is in place and that you are, in fact, wearing your seatbelt. It is most likely throwing the airbag alarm because it senses that the seatbelt sensor is not properly working and that light is telling you the airbags won’t be deployed since the sensor is in an “off state” or out of position technically.

The sensors have to be in an “on state” in order for the airbags to function properly. Airbags should deploy, most of the time, regardless of the situation. However, that sensor will hinder/decrease the effectiveness of the Air Bag Deployment System if not functioning properly