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everything you have said is wrong.  a heat plate is probably the most focused attack to the adhesive you can have, as the entire unit is heated, therefore retaining its heat much much longer.  the same way we preheat motherboards before we do solder work.  a heat gun is more likely to do damage to the lcd than a heat plate set correctly.  set it to 90 degrees, place the ipad on the heat pad as it warms up.  this prevents shock from the sudden increase in heat.  allow to sit at max temp around 88 to 90 degrees for 5 minutes.  then use an isesamo and alcohol with guitar picks.  dipping the isesamo tool in alcohol to help loosen the adhesive. use large auto window suction cup is nice as you can gently lift with the suction cup while using the tool, usually the glass will lift easily for you to place the tool in there without cracking the glass.  we use this method to remove screens of ipads we need that we need to do internal work on.  it works great for both keeping the screen in tact or removing a broken one.