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I used a Metcal soldering iron, the type with the coaxial heating elements. The tip number is STTC-126, which is a 700 degree temp 45 degree bend micro-conical profile. This allowed me to get UNDER the back side of the connector while leaving the vibration motor in place. I just pulled the rubber "boot" from the motor so I wouldn't singe it. Be sure to pre-tin all contacts prior to soldering (if the connector is off, or when using a new one). Use REAL 60-40 LEAD/TIN SOLDER with mild rosin core. Also, it is my belief that the rectangular anchor pad not bonding at the factory is the reason these go bad. On my phone, there were these sad little silver bumps on it, but no connection to the USB shell like there should have been. Getting this large (2.5mm x 4mm) pad to lock on to the connector is the key to a lasting repair, is what I hope. Perhaps many phones have a good bond here, but those that don't will likely fail as mine did...