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iPod Touch 2nd gen.Won't turn off or reset


Bought this 8GB off ebay the description was that it shows the charge icon, tries to reboot only to come back to low charge indicator.

When I opened and connected to itunes, sure enough !t showed less than 25% charge so I gave it a smack and a minute later the apple logo appeared and when it booted to home screen (slide took a few power cycles to work) IT IS PASSCODE PROTECTED.

When I try to shut it down it just goes to sleep, No red shutdown bar appears at the top.

Pressing the home button again will wake it and the battery is fully charged now and the slide to unlock works but that's as far as it will go.

Is not recognized in iExplorer, Phone Explorer, Copy Trans Suite, Copy Trans Doctor And of corse itunes tells me to enter the passcode to restore


iPod Touch 2nd Generation