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My iPod unlock bar wont work? when I touch it?


My ipod 2 generation wont work when i try to unlock it. The bar unlock wont work. The screen is perfectly fine and also has brightness not scratches. I am concern my unlock bar wont unlock because when i got off taking a shower i touched my ipod with my wet hands and also my hair was soak in wet and touches the ipod also. Just when i was about to unlock my screen with wet hands it defenetly did not unlock also i have been using my ipod in this bad weather that is raining but when it stop working was when touch it with my wet hands, so i dry the screen and my hands try it mllion time and did not work. color of the screen is perfectly fine and also i can double click and my music shows to play but i cant press play because when i touch it doesnt work. :( pLEASE HELP.

P.S i also dont take it to the Apple store because i dont have guarantee of the ipod and also i dont have money ! :( Please helpp


iPod Touch 2nd Generation